Red Emma Speaks

Monday, January 21, 2008

oh, fine...

Thanks to some very kind folks over at MetaFilter, I'm guessing I should say something that's not three years old.


I don't write here anymore, because I really thought of this place as somewhere I could vent/explore my political thoughts. And honestly, I'm so alienated from activism and political everything, beyond my daily sputtering at the computer screen... I can't write about it. No time. (Political opinions are a dime a dozen, it seems, anyway.) My day is all about getting up, having my tea, reading a few websites (whittled down to five daily) and getting to work. This is different every day, but the first New Year's Resolution I ever really meant has been about Making Writing a Priority--the real stuff, the organizing fifteen years of crap into something I can publish. And as much as I've been encouraged by loads of those who know me personally to get back into political opinion writing and even investigative journalism... I was never that into it, I confess. It kept me up nights, especially since all the reasons I left my career behind were knocking at the back of my brain.

I've got too many novels to write. Poetry too, for fuck's sake. It's embarrassing to have a dream like that, when there's fighting to be done. But I gave the world fifteen years. Now it's time for me to sit down, before it's too late.