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Monday, July 04, 2005

Subcommandante Marcos Scares the Clueless

I haven't read much about the Zapatistas lately. But the NYT put out an article today by James C. McKinley Jr. that managed to irritate me (not that that's terribly difficult). (try ireallyhatenyt3/ireallyhatenyt for entry.) I know that no newspaper is ever really non-biased, and I know that although the New York Times is purported to be liberal, any time you get onto the anti-capitalist subject, they start talking just like the rest of the corporate media. And so, in reality, there's nothing new here. But I can't help but point out the biased language:

1. The headline reads that Mexico is "bracing" for the Zapatistas' next move, which implies a storm, no? Violence. However, a reading of the article points to the fact that there is no indication of upcoming violence. In fact, the main thing they are apparently "bracing for" is a "nationwide leftist political movement." Forgive me for not being terrified.

2. Marcos "has issued several rambling missives over the Internet." Only nutcases ramble. (Although, after reading this letter we can sort of see rambling going on. I think he just sounds like a nice guy.)

3. When the NYT uses the term "anticapitalist language," it sounds like they really mean "crazy talk." But it sounds pretty reasonable, if'n you ask me:
The statement was peppered with anticapitalist language and accused Mexico's politicians of trampling the interests of workers and farmers in the name of free markets. "What is happening in Mexico is that it has become a place where people are born, and die, only to work for the enrichment of foreigners, principally rich gringos," he said.

Okay, on second thought, the writer didn't do too badly. Even if he did call Marcos a "master manipulator," as if he were some sort of evil genius, and refers to the rebels' peaceful efforts to work communal cooperative villages as "utopian."

I just want to go back and read the letter again. It gives me hope.


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